China Modacrylic And Cotton Single Jersey
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Item description: Modacrylic/cotton single jersey
Knitting: Weft knitting
Composition Content: 80% Modacrylic, 20% cotton
Yarn count:40S
Carding technology: combed cotton
Dyeing and finishing process:Signal sided
Concrete purpose: Sofa composite base fabric, Mattress composite base fabric, chair composite base fabric
Colour: raw white
Our company is specialized in the production of functional flame retardant knitted fabric, the product adopts imported flame retardant fiber raw material, the flame retardant performance is good, LOI≥ 30, Product width, gram weight, style, color can be customized as required.
Product performance and advantages:
A) Ability to prevent the spread of flame combustion.
B) Through the CFR - 1633, ISO11612 fire test.
Product Packaging: waterproof plastic bag
Product use: Sofa composite base fabric, Mattress composite base fabric,chair composite base fabricChina Modacrylic And Cotton Single Jersey

Posted 07-13-2020 12:31 AM by lyy150b
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