Coronavirus Induced Bear Market with Chris Vermeulen
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Chris Vermeulen says money is moving just as it has in the past 5 waves of panic. This is a normal technical behavior in this type of market. There will be a huge move when money comes back into the stock market within several weeks. This will mark the first bounce in the bear market. All the countries of the world are pumping and dumping money into their economies.

Eventually, the music will come to an end. Dumping trillions may work out well for everyone, Americans, government, and investors. Whatever happens, it’s going to be a major plus for precious metals and mining stocks.

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As a technical analysis and trader since 1997, I have been through a few bull/bear market cycles. I believe I have a good pulse on the market and timing key turning points for short-term swing traders.

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Chris Vermeulen

Posted 03-19-2020 10:26 AM by Chris Vermeulen
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