March 2010 - ProfitScore IQ

The ProfitScore IQ is our monthly newsletter in which we discuss the U.S. and global economy and trends we see emerging that can affect your investment success. Packed with invaluable insight and actionable information about the U.S. and global equity markets, The ProfitScore IQ lets you benefit from our research and the daily hard work that contributes to our never ending journey to be better stewards of your investment assets.

  • The Great Experiment - Will It Work Long-Term?

    In This Issue:

    Our Monthly Performance Update
    Doing Things Better
    Welcome to Keynes' Grand Petri Dish
    Money, Money Everywhere...
    Why Isn't the Money Getting to Where It's Needed?
    Treasury International Capital Flows
    Interesting Reading
    Portfolio Performance Analysis
    A Boise View on Commercial Real Estate

    So much changes in the economic picture from month to month that it is hard to write about it in one letter.  I have tried to send out letters more often, but research demands have made it almost impossible.  In order to communicate with my readers more often, I will soon be joining the blogsphere and begin publishing my thoughts in smaller bites through my blog, and then follow up with a monthly summary of my thoughts in this newsletter.