January 2009 - ProfitScore IQ

The ProfitScore IQ is our monthly newsletter in which we discuss the U.S. and global economy and trends we see emerging that can affect your investment success. Packed with invaluable insight and actionable information about the U.S. and global equity markets, The ProfitScore IQ lets you benefit from our research and the daily hard work that contributes to our never ending journey to be better stewards of your investment assets.

  • The Pollyanna Paradox and A History Lesson Never Learned

    In This Issue:
    An Update on Our Performance
    Bailout vs. Previous Government Expenditures
    A Financial Trap That Catches Millions
    Caught In the Trap
    Market Rhythms and Rhymes
    Bubble Breakdown
    Playing Against a Stacked Deck
    Practicing Paradox Prevention
    Wall Street One-Liners
    Portfolio Performance Analysis
    Sharing the Sport of Basketball with My Daughters

    In this month's newsletter, I will explore some possible explanations for why America and the world are once again in this mess. Our research will not be based on economic reasons but on how human beings continually repeat the same mistakes that they have been making for centuries.

    Who's to blame for these mistakes? It can't be the system's fault because the system was created and controlled by people. The ultimate reason could be the fact that human beings are both greedy and fearful. They overreact to positive and negative events just as Pavlov's dogs consistently reacted to the ringing of a bell.