Beyond the Sound Bite: An Interview with Dan Clifton
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    Have You Seen This?

    Have You Seen This?

     Sandwiched between the political conventions and the debates (President and Vice President) are key congressional and economic issues that will likely have a significant impact on the markets in the ever volatile month of September. Notably the Frank/Dodd hearings, the CFTC energy speculation report, an FOMC meeting, the ban on offshore drilling ends, and a major debt rollover for Freddie and Fannie.

    My interview with the astute Head of Policy Research for Strategas Research Partners includes many of these issues along with the geopolitical driver behind Biden's selection as Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, the impact of political convention bounces, a more activist US Congress, plus the rolling back of the Reagan revolution in tax policy.

    The length of the interview is 15 minutes 58 seconds.


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    Posted 08-26-2008 7:30 PM by Vinny Catalano, CFA