January 2006 - John Mauldin's Outside the Box

John Mauldin reads hundreds of articles, reports, books, newsletters, etc. and each week he brings one essay from another analyst that should stimulate your thinking. John will not agree with all the essays, and some will make us uncomfortable, but the varied subject matter will offer thoughtful analysis that will challenge our minds to think Outside The Box.

John Mauldin's Outside the Box

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  • On The Contrary: Why It Pays To Be Different

    Introduction Two weeks ago in Thoughts From the Frontline, I mentioned a piece by one of my favorite contrarians and behavioral finance analysts, James Montier of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. It was going to be the Outside the Box last week, but a...
  • Emotion, Neuroscience And Investing

    Introduction Once again we look at one of my favorite analysts and behavioral finance thinker, James Montier of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in London. James wrote a fascinating book two years ago called "Behavioural Finance: A User's Guide"...
  • Dark Matter

    Introduction In November a paper was published at the Kennedy School of Government and Center for International Development at Harvard University by Riccardo Hausmann of Harvard and Federico Sturzenegger of Universidad Torcuato Di Tella. The title was...
  • The Housing Bubble Will Probably Burst

    Introduction This week's letter comes to us from Dr. A. Gary Shilling, president of A. Gary Shilling & Co., Inc. Gary is a long time friend and one of my favorite economic analysts. He also contributed a Chapter to my latest book, Just One Thing...