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  • Lucky or Smart? A Tale of Two Terrorist Attacks

    This week, I'm going to be discussing something that may be a bit controversial, but needs to be said. Over the span of just a few months, we have been lucky enough to escape two major terrorist attacks - one on a Northwest Airlines flight on Christmas Day, and the other in Times Square in New York on May 1. Had either of these attacks been successful, we could have seen the loss of hundreds, if not thousands of innocent American lives.

    And luck is the operative word. Neither of these attempted attacks was thwarted by law enforcement but, instead, failed because of the poor execution on the part of the would-be terrorists. While the Heritage Foundation has documented 31 terrorist attacks that have been thwarted in one way or another by law enforcement, that was not the case in these last two botched attacks.

    This week, I'm going to explore the uncomfortable idea of what if these attacks had been successful? How might our elected officials, the media and even the markets be different had one or both of these attacks succeeded? Then, I'll discuss the most uncomfortable question of all - what if we're not so lucky next time?

  • Stratfor On The War In Iraq After Five Years

    March marked the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq. The troop "surge" that President Bush ordered last year has led to much more success in Iraq, but we hear little about the good news from the media. This week, I have reprinted a recent analysis on the war in Iraq...
  • Oil-For-Food - Much Worse Than We Thought

    Introduction I last wrote about the “Oil-for-Food” program in Iraq in May shortly after the United Nations (UN) engaged former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker to conduct an internal investigation of the scandal. Only limited attention was focused...