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  • Obama's Judges vs. Republican Opposition

    Since I began writing this E-Letter in 2002, I have always maintained that politics and investments are joined at the hip. The political "solutions" coming out of Washington to address the subprime debt crisis and resulting credit crunch should be more than enough to prove this thesis. This week, I'm going to discuss a political issue where the tie to investments may not be as evident, but it's there. The issue is the potential for liberal judicial appointments during the Obama presidency, and how these may change the legal landscape. President-elect Obama is already on record as supporting the "living document" interpretation of the Constitution, and so will likely favor jurists who share this viewpoint. This could mean more "legislating from the bench" and other forms of liberal judicial activism. If so, all I can say is hold onto your pocket books!...
  • The Incredible Shrinking Republican Base

    Now that Obama appears to have a lock on being the Democratic candidate for president, we now shift our focus to John McCain. We all know that McCain is no conservative - not by a long shot. However, the real question is how the Republican "base" will vote, if they vote at all. For years, this base has been made up of white, married Christians, but there are indications that the Republican base may be changing. If so, the 2008 election may offer us a glimpse into the future of Republican politics. This week, I will reprint a very interesting article by Dr. Alan Abramowitz that discusses the shrinking Republican base. After that, I'll offer my own analysis of the situation....