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  • Plunging Oil Prices Spark Fears of Global Recession

    Today, we touch on several bases. No doubt everyone reading this noticed that stocks tanked last week, and now seem to be moving in lockstep with oil prices. While consumers welcome cheaper gas and heating oil prices, there is a growing fear that the collapse in oil prices may be a harbinger of a global recession.

    Despite worries that the oil price plunge is pulling down stock prices, the latest Reuters/University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index soared to a near eight-year high this month. Expectations for a better job market helped power the Index from 88.8 in November to 93.8 this month, well above expectations.

    Finally, I am sad to report that our national debt topped $18 trillion on November 28 according to the Treasury Department. It was not widely reported by the mainstream media, of course. While our annual budget deficits have come down significantly from the first four years of the Obama administration, we are still on-track to hit a whopping $20+ trillion national debt by 2019.

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  • Stratfor: The US Economy & The Next "Big One"

    The conventional wisdom on Wall Street seems to be that we have now entered into a recession. While I'm not yet ready to get on that bandwagon, I do see it as a definite possibility in light of ongoing weak economic reports. If we do experience a recession, the next question is whether this is going to be the "big one," somewhat akin to the 1930s Depression....