February 2006 - Forecasts & Trends

Forecasts & Trends is much more than just investment blog posts. You need to know the "big picture;" you need to have a "world view," especially in the post-911 world; and you need more information than ever before to be successful in meeting your financial goals. Gary intends to help you do just that.

Forecasts & Trends

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  • Investors Are Flocking To Stocks In Droves

    Introduction All of a sudden, investors are pouring near-record amounts of money into the stock markets. As I will discuss below, individual investors are moving into the stock markets at a stronger pace than seen in years. Money flowing into stock mutual...
  • Will The Fed Go Too Far?

    Introduction New Fed chairman Ben Bernanke testified before Congress for the first time last week, and financial analysts around the world are still debating his remarks, his mannerisms and his differences from his legendary predecessor, Alan Greenspan...
  • Pensions On The Chopping Block

    Introduction The word "pension" usually conjures up thoughts of security and stability; a regular monthly retirement benefit rewarding years of hard work for an employer. It also brings up thoughts of paternalistic corporations who sought to...
  • Will The Democrats Sweep In 2006?

    Introduction This week, we take a break from economic and investment themes and focus our attention on the political scenario, what with the mid-term elections coming up. It's actually been almost two months since I've written anything on politics...