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  • Time To Remove Stimulus?

    In This Issue..

    * Chinese stocks rise 5%!
    * Risk Assets follow!
    * OECD forecasts faster global growth...
    * Gold & Silver kicking sand again!

    Good day... And a Tub Thumpin' Thursday to you! Let's hope it remains a Tub Thumpin' Thursday later today, as I head downtown to watch my beloved Cardinals play a day game! For those of you who are baseball fans, you know what I mean when I carry on about how baseball should only be played during the day!

    OK... Before I get to the currencies, economies and the dolts in the world, I wanted to briefly talk about the SEC, who made an announcement yesterday that they had done an investigation of the Madoff audits, and did not find any fraud... Just mistakes... Really? Mistakes? That's what they call them? Even Bernie Madoff himself says that he was "astonished" that the SEC failed to shut him down after interviewing him in 2006!

  • A Lost Decade?

    In This Issue..

    * An Up and Down day for currencies...
    * Jobs Jamboree moves to Thursday today...
    * China to buy more Gold!
    * Sweden cuts rates!

    Good day... And a Thankful Thursday to you! I'm reminded that we all need to be thankful for the patriots that led this country to victory and thus our freedom. The freedom for me to write a letter like this, each day, that allows me to say what I want to say (well, with the governor of the legal beagles of course!). And since this weekend we will celebrate our Independence, I thought this to be a good time to have a Thankful Thursday!

    Patriots... You know, the ending story for those 56 Patriots that signed the Declaration of Independence is not a happy story... So, when we learn of their collective fates, we realize that freedom does not come free......