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  • US consumers come to the rescue of the dollar...

    * US consumers come to the rescue of the $... * European data comes in negative... * Currencies down under take a hit... * Goldman suggests investments in Norway... ** US consumers come to the rescue of the dollar... Good day... The dollar bulls took control of the currency markets yesterday after the US consumer confidence numbers looked slightly less awful than expected. The better than expected confidence number caused the dollar to jump over one and a half cents vs. the Euro and close to 1% vs. the NZD$. The gain by the US$ was the biggest one day move in almost two months. Chuck, who is enjoying a much deserved break this week, sent me his thoughts on this dramatic move by the dollar: "It sure looks like the markets once again, took the bait hook, line and sinker yesterday... I mean, Consumer Confidence rises from a deep dark abyss, and the markets were singing, ding, dong the witch is dead, ding dong the wicked witch is dead. The wicked witch here is the bear and what it's done to the markets this year. Since November, stocks have lost plenty of ground, and I for one truly suspect there will be more losses in the days ahead. But... Not yesterday, and not a losing day for the dollar either! Probably the best 1 day performance I've seen in the dollar in some time......