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  • Will The Dollar Hear A Hu?

    In This Issue.

    * Italy forms a new government..

    * U.S. & Chinese presidents trade "ideas".

    * SDC's time is running out.

    * Japan posts 3rd QTR positive growth!

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  • SNB Is Wrong!

    In This Issue..

    * Euro rallies...
    * Risk returned during Tuesday's U.S. session...
    * Gold rises above $1,200 again...
    * Italy announces Budget Cuts...

    Good day... And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! I go back to the eye surgeon today... If it all looks good, then I go to see the Ocularist, who will hand paint a shell to go over the prosthesis that replaced my eye. The shell will match my right eye, and I won't look so 'creepy' as my beautiful bride says, anymore... Funny? Yes, but creepy... No!

    OK... What a strange pattern we seem to be in the past few days of trading... It used to be the overnight markets would run the currencies up VS the dollar, and the U.S. session would knock them back down... That's reversed these days. Yes, the overnight markets have been pushing the currencies down, and the U.S. session has been picking them up......