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  • Oil Price Slides!

    * Big Ben in a predicament! * The euro retreats after new high... * Retail Sales disappoint! * Yen and francs on the menus again! ** Oil Price Slides! Good day... And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! 3 straight days without rain here in St. Louis! WOW! It did however, rain on the currencies' parade yesterday. About mid-morning, the brakes were applied to the run on the dollar, and the car was put into reverse. Retail Sales disappointed, and PPI is not anything to laugh about... All that and more, as we head into the day after a 15-inning All-Star Game! Front and Center though is the good cop, bad cop thing that played out with Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke (bad cop) and SEC Chairman Cox (good cop)... Big Ben sent the dollar packing in the morning with his statement that highlighted the Fed's predicament... Big Ben noted the parts of financial markets remained seriously disrupted (which screams, no rate hike), but that dollar weakness had helped cause inflation to rise (Here he goes again trying to blame everyone else for the Fed's creation and feeding of inflation... Oh well, this statement screams, no rate cut!). The currencies all took turns taking a swing at the piñata (dollar)... And... It looked like the volcano was about to blow... Oh, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know where I'm a going to go when the volcano blows! (Ahhh, a little Jimmy Buffett on a Wonderful Wednesday!)...
  • Another Perfect Storm Averted!

    * Paulson calms fears... For now! * The dollar gets sold again... * More risk events... * Bill Gross wants dollars! ** Another Perfect Storm Averted! Good day... And a Marvelous Monday to you! Well... One of St. Louis' landmarks was sold this morning... One of my fave companies for a number of reasons, Anheuser Busch, was sold to InBev this morning... Just another in the line of Corporate Headquarters that will no longer reside in St. Louis... At one in the 80's, St. Louis was the 5th largest city, with Corporate Headquarters, in Western Hemisphere... I doubt we even are on the list these days... OK... Well... Friday was chock full-o-fun, and not fun for some, as U.S. Treasury Secretary, Paulson, tried to calm the markets regarding Freddie and Fannie... That may have some soothing effect in the short run, but if home prices keep falling, and mortgage backed bonds keep losing value, this problem will return to the markets......