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  • Weekly Job Losses Continue To Pile Up!

    In This Issue..

    * Back to the 'safe haven' trades...
    * The dollar hammers the euro!
    * It's a Jobs Jamboree Friday!
    * The SNB sells francs...

    Good day... And a Happy Friday to one and all! It's a draggin' the line Friday for me, but I'll make every attempt to turn it into a Fantastico Friday for sure! The Big Stock Sell off that I've warned about since probably June of last year, looks like it has finally arrived... Bringing with it, my biggest fears, that the link between all the risk assets, had not been broken completely, and this link has turned into a bloodletting on currencies and commodities...

    OK... So I got that out of the way, front and center this morning! You know... Ever since I began writing about a Big stock sell off, I told you that, should the link remain in place, and the currencies and commodities have adverse reactions, then we would come to the fork in the road... The people that bought currencies and commodities to keep up with their neighbors, in hopes of being able to brag about their returns at the next bar-b-que, will panic and sell, making the sell off even worse... The people that bought these risk assets for the 'right reason', which was to diversify their investment portfolios, so that not all their investments were denominated in dollars, and to provide a hedge against further potential losses by the dollar, and to reduce their overall risk for their investment portfolio, will just batten down the hatches, hunker down, and ride this out... And... If any thing, look to pick up more of these risk assets at cheaper levels as we go along......