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  • Jobs Jamboree Is A Huge Surprise!

    In This Issue..

    * The dollar rebounds Big Time!
    * Gold loses $46 in one day!
    * High yielders give back the most...
    * Canada's Jobs rebound!

    Good day... And a Marvelous Monday to you! Well... We're all 'moved in' to our new digs... Kudos to the planning, organizing, tech gurus, and others that were involved with this move... As it certainly looks great, and so far, is running great!

    Today is Pearl Harbor Day, our 'first' day of infamy... That certainly was a sad day in our country's history...

    Well... That long awaited, and often forgot about that it could happen, correction in the currencies and commodities came full force on Friday. The selling of the currencies and commodities and buying of dollars was reminiscent of the days following the collapse of Lehman Brothers in the fall of 2008. The dollar index surges 1.7% on Friday... And Gold... The shiny metal suddenly became the 'not so shiny' metal, as it sold off by $46 in one day... And it hasn't stopped there either... Gold has sold off another $16 overnight to $1,143......