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    * The currencies rally back! * The risk takers are back! * Mixed bag of economic reports... * A 'cross thing' for sterling... ** A Trading Pattern For Gold... Good day... And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! No ice this morning, thank goodness! Winter, in my mind, is bad enough without the slip-sliding away! Snow is one thing, ice is another and it's not high on my Hit Parade! Well, front and center this morning is a rally in the currencies that began yesterday mid-morning, and has carried through the Asian and European markets. I'd tell you why the euro is 2.5 figures above yesterday morning's level, but you'd laugh at me... No wait! That's what you're supposed to do, Chuck, tell the people what's going on! HA! Seriously though... I don't think you'd laugh at me, maybe the dolts that run trading floors around the world, or the pundits that write stories about the markets, but not me!...