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  • He's Baaaaaacccckkkk!

    In This Issue.

    * Some healing for the risk assets.

    * Norges Bank Gov. hints on rates.

    * BOC's Gov. does the same.

    * This depression.

  • A Gusher Of Federal Money...

    In This Issue..

    * No currency movement to speak of...
    * Buffett calls out the deficits...
    * PIMCO does too!
    * SNB selling francs to stem gains....

    Good day... And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Another day with the medicine in my knee and it feels better yet today... I did have to ice it last night though, I guess I'm still not out of the woods here, but I can see the exit!

    There was very little in the way of movement in the currencies yesterday. The euro moved to 1.4150, but was brought back down to the 1.41 handle overnight. Stocks rebounded yesterday, which gave a few risk takers the intestinal fortitude to dip their toes back into the risk assets water... But there just weren't enough of them to give the currencies the push they deserved to get....