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  • Dollar continues to slide...

    * Dollar continues to slide... * Housing bailout passes congress... * Chinese Renmibi falls... * Aussie dollar peaked?... ** Dollar continues to slide... Good day... And welcome to the last week of July. I spent the past week fishing with my son and father in law up in Manitoba, Canada. We had some great weather, and caught an absolute ton of Walleye and Pike. My son caught a Pike almost as long as he is tall. Just a great guys trip; but enough about my time off, I'm back at work now, so lets get to the currency markets. The dollar continued to slide throughout Friday's trading as concern of further US credit losses trumped some negative data released in Europe. The dollar dropped for a second day against the Euro after a story in the Financial Times quoted Gary Stern, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, saying the credit crunch will worsen. Nothing new here, but as Chuck stated in Friday's Pfennig, currency traders continue to play the game of "Who's Data is Worse" with the US economic data coming in even worse than the rest of the world....