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  • Chinese Data Lead Risk On Assault...

    In This Issue..

    * China moderates!

    * Risk On!

    * Scandis rally!

    * Gold fluctuates...

  • A Vote Of Confidence!

    In This Issue..

    * China boosts euros...
    * Chinese exports soar!
    * RBNZ hikes rates!
    * Bernanke on the "hill"!

    Good day... And a Tub Thumpin' Thursday to you! Well, we have a new Stanley Cup Champion, and plenty more to talk about today! The Mid-West has been in one of those weather patterns that sees the day heat up, then produce violent storms, and then clears up... Sometimes it seems as though this lasts forever!

    OK... Well, Front and Center this morning, the euro is pushing higher on some words from Asia... Seems that China is very much behind the euro, and made statements related to that thought, which really put some starch in the euro's shorts overnight. The thing I worry about right now, is the European Central Bank (ECB) meeting that's going on as I type my fat fingers to the bone... The ECB could crush this mini-rally in the euro in a heartbeat by saying the 'wrong thing' at their press conference that will be held after the ECB announces that rates will remain unchanged.

  • Export Growth Drives GDP!

    * GDP grows 3.3%! * But it's a one and done for GDP! * Plenty O' data today... * A Wall Street Journal interview... ** Export Growth Drives GDP! Good day... And a Happy Friday to one and all! A Fantastico Friday in my books because it will be the end of a bad week for yours truly, and the start of a 3-day Labor Day Holiday weekend! YAHOO! Another storm, Gustav, is headed for the Gulf Coast, and maybe Louisiana, which wouldn't be good. So my thoughts are with those in the path of Gustav. Gustav is causing some problems for the price of Oil, this bubblin' crude, black gold, Texas tea, has posted its weekly gain in two months! The rise in Oil prices has lit a fire under Gold, and put pressure on the dollar once again, along with inflation pressures to say the least! The dollar pushed the euro and other currencies lower yesterday after the 2nd QTR GDP surprised on the upside, posting a gain of 3.3% annualized... I told you twice this week that 2nd QTR GDP would be stronger and yesterday, I laid out the scenario that the boost would come from: 1. stimulus checks, and 2. export growth because of the weak dollar....