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  • Citi Gets More "Gov't Money"...

    * Bailout fuels a rally... * How long the rally last? * A slew of data today... * Thoughts from Jim Rogers... ** Citi Gets More "Gov't Money"... Good day... And a Terrific Tuesday to you! Now that was quite the Investment Conference I just attended and gave two presentations to! Someone sent me a headline that appeared on the internet prior to the Conference that read: Three Kings of the Financial World on Tap to Speak for the Next WMI M2... And guess what? They considered me as one of those in the headline! WOW! OK, no... I'm not getting a big head, I've got my beautiful bride to keep me humble. She responded to hearing about this article with a heaping helping of, "OK King, take out the trash!" HAHAHAHAHAHA! OK... Chris left me some notes about the currency markets yesterday, so let's listen in to what Chris had to say, since he was here, and I was driving an hour to the airport in Fort Meyers, flying, and driving home yesterday. Herrrrreeee's Johnny! I mean Chris!...