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  • It's A Risk On Monday!

    In This Issue..

    * Currencies recover from Friday sell off!
    * Gold also recovers!
    * RBA to meet tonight!
    * Canada to exit their recession?

    Good day... And a Marvelous Monday to you! I hope your Thanksgiving was special. I had a great time on my day off on Friday, as we went to the country and cut down our Christmas Tree. Quite early for us this year, but you have to take advantage of the 'windows' of time when they pop open! I have to say something front and center this morning though... Last week when I would say we need to give thanks to groups of people, I missed out on something very special to me... My health... I'm thankful that I was allowed to fight cancer, and be around now when my little granddaughter, Delaney Grace is so darn cute!

    OK... Front and center on the currencies this morning, we have the fears of a default in Dubai, fading, and that brings the risk takers back out... So, we had one day of bloodletting on Friday, and come Monday, it'll be alright, Come Monday, I'll be holding you tight, no wait! Come Monday, the tourniquet had been applied, and things are back on track. The Big Dog, euro is off the porch, chasing the dollar down the street once again, and is trading at 1.5050, as I begin to write this morning.

  • Maybe, Just Maybe A Break In The Link?

    In This Issue..

    * Currencies consolidate...
    * Brazil posts a surplus!
    * Dr. Marc Faber speaks...
    * High yielders rule!

    Good day... And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! A very tight trading range day was in place yesterday for the currencies... In yet another sign that maybe, just maybe, because you never know, the currencies could be breaking their link to stocks... U.S. stocks jumped 196 points yesterday, and the currencies range traded... Hmmm....

    Not that this will become a 'stock jockey journal'... Stocks jumped on the news that Consumer Confidence surged this month... Talk about looking at things through rose colored glasses! Any way, Consumer Confidence surged... Better to have blips in Confidence than to be all negative all the time I guess! I also guess the stock jockeys took what was behind door number 1 (consumer confidence) and not was what behind door number 2, which was the Case-Shiller House Price Index......