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                         A Pfennig For Your Thoughts
                               November 20, 2009

In This Issue..

* It's a Risk Off day!                          
* Commodity Currencies get rocked...                                 
* Audit the Fed Bill moves along...                                    
* Just keep spending money we don't have!                                                                                          

And Now... Today's Pfennig!

It's A Risk Off Friday...                                    

Good day... And a Happy Friday to one and all! A Fantastico Friday in my books, as the people at the Retina Institute told me yesterday that the fluid on my eye was drying up, and almost completely gone. I told them I had not noticed any improvement in vision, and they said, "at least it hasn't gotten worse!" And for that, I am quite thankful! So... With that news, I head into today, and believe it to be a Fantastico Friday!

Well... In my hours on hours of waiting for the next person to look at my eye yesterday, (I think it was "train the eye doctor day" on Chuck's eye) I kept checking the currencies, and noticed that as the day went on, the non-dollar currencies were stronger, led by the Big Dog, euro... But then late last night, and I mean late last night, I checked them, and those gains had been wiped out...

So, when I arrived here this morning, I had one thing on the top of my list of things to do, and that was find out what happened... Come on, I said to myself, it had to be more than the Risk On, Risk Off stuff that's been hanging over the markets like the Sword of Damocles! But, when you get right down to the nitty gritty, that's all it was... For once again, there was some data or story, or rumor, that spooked the markets into believing the global recovery isn't going to happen, and the Risk Off came into play...

Like I said the other day, this happens so much that you start to believe Mr. Myagi is directing the markets... Risk On... Risk Off... (Wax on, Wax off) HA!

So, I bet your asking... So, what was that data, story or rumor that spooked the markets... Well... The only thing I can find was the report yesterday about Housing Starts dropping that Chris told you about... Did you know that about 14% of U.S. homeowners were either delinquent on their mortgage or in some stage of foreclosure. That is the highest rate since the group started collecting the data in 1972!

But there was something else that was announced as the day went on, that I think probably spooked the markets more than anything else... And that is a key House panel approved two amendments to a sweeping financial-overhaul bill that would give federal watchdogs new authority to audit the Federal Reserve, and would establish a fund of as much as $200 billion to help dissolve large, troubled institutions. Rep. Ron Paul (R., Texas) offered the amendment seeking to subject the Fed to audits.

The House Financial Services Committee voted 41-28 to approve the amendments, wrapping up weeks of debate but postponing a final vote on the bill until after Thanksgiving.

OK... More deficit spending for sure, and I'm positive that this was "hung on this bill" to audit the Fed as the only way it would get through the gauntlet...

Why would this Bill "spook the markets?" Ahhh grasshopper... To audit the cartel, is a step toward getting a peek behind the curtain, and that's scary folks... But! It's what's needed! And so I applaud the panel's vote... (too bad they had to hang that $200 Billion deficit spending package onto this, but that's how the dolts in D.C. work...)

So... When things get spooky traders, crawl back into the dollar's corner... Love is kind of spooky with a girl like you, is what I'm reminded of!

And when traders crawl back into the dollar's corner, the currencies that have booked the best performances against the dollar, see their fortunes reversed the most... So... In this case, it's the Aussie dollar, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian krone, and Brazilian real... These three will most likely put a losing week into the books, which hasn't happened very often during this rally that began in March. I say "most likely" because, we've seen swings in these currencies that could easily wipe out these weekly losses in a NY Minute! But with the data cupboard as empty as my stomach feels right now, (not to worry, I have my daily apple ready to consume!) today... I doubt we'll see any "swings" to bring these currencies to the positive side of the ledger this week!

The Weekly Initial Jobless Claims here in the U.S. printed yesterday at 505,000, same as the week before... I heard one air-head TV commentator (if it's a commentator, it must be from Idaho! HAHAHAHA! Get it? Common Tater?) any way... I heard one say that at 505,000, it shows that employment is on the mend... Ahem... Did you do the math? That's over 2 million new jobless people per month! Dolt head!

Yes, I know it doesn't net out the jobs that were created... I'm strictly talking about jobs that are lost on a weekly basis... You can't in your Wildest Dreams, think that we're creating more than 2 million jobs a month during a depression!

So... That data wasn't good for the "recovery campers"...

I was writing some notes for my latest video on Wednesday, and noted that Japanese yen, gets the best of Risk On, Risk Off trading... For some strange reason, and yes, I'm well aware that Japan is the second largest economy in the world, Japanese yen is considered a "safe haven" when the Risk Off is in play... And when the Risk On is in play, spanking the dollar, Japanese yen doesn't sell-off!

Now... I'm not a HUGE fan of Japan, as their Gov't Deficit is tremendous in size, rivaling the doubled in size National Debt of the U.S. And I personally feel that the yen at 88 and change is bumping the ceiling... But, the markets can be irrational, right? And with yen, they are really irrational!

Hey! Did you see that there's pressure on U.S. Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner to resign? Personally, I don't know that he's done any worse than Hank Paulson... But, then, is that what we've come to accept? Bad leadership? I've said this before, and I know it really gets under some people's skin... But, besides the National Deficit, and the Trade Deficit, we have a Leadership Deficit... I'm talking about the lawmakers, The Fed Chairman, and Treasury Sec... I guess the administration should be thrown in there, for it's been that way for the last 9 years!

The European Central Bank's President, Trichet, and the Swiss National Bank's Gov., Roth, both spoke last night, and neither referred to the currencies in any way, but Trichet did add to the Risk Off mood of the markets by saying that, "it is too early, as of today, to declare the crisis is over."  The People's Bank of China's Gov., Zhou, said that China was "passive on the direction of the dollar"... Hmmm... I have to wonder if he was truly speaking from the heart there, or... Just stating that to keep the dollar from falling into an abyss...

You know about the stock sell off that I've been warning you about for a couple of months now, that could very well drag the currencies and commodities along for the ride? Well... I know that you all think that I'm playing the boy who cried wolf, here... But, recent trading days have me worried a bit about this taking baby steps right now...

My trader / chartist, friend, sent me a note and told me to watch the A$, for it is very close to its 9-month trend line support of .9093 (it's currently at .9110), for should it close below that number it would signal (according to him!) a correction to 88-cents... Not a huge drop, but it's not like these charts can pin-point a level that a currency will turn-around... Or maybe they can! I'm lost when it comes to charts... I look at them and unless they are as obvious as a man with a hatchet in his head, like the U.S. dollar chart since 1971, then I could make a case for an asset that's being charted to go either way!

That's why charts are not "fundamentals"... Fundamentals are what put an asset into a trend, either weak or strong, and charts tell you what happened in that trend...

And then there was this... According to the Wall Street Journal..."Some of Goldman's largest shareholders have urged the firm to reduce the size of its bonus pool, arguing that it should pass along more of its blockbuster earnings to investors. The investors hold tens of millions of shares in the Wall Street firm, which is on track to make the biggest employee payout in its 140-year history."

Chuck again... Where have these "largest shareholders" been all these years? Why make a big deal about this now? Oh, that's right! The Gov't has made it look "dirty" to give bonuses...

Oh... And I heard that the Senate's version of the Health Care Bill will cost $849 Billion... Just keep spending money we don't have, Congress...  I'm reminded of a saying by Voltaire... "Common Sense is not so Common"...

To recap... The Risk Off wax is being applied by Mr. Myagi again this morning, as the non-dollar currencies, other than yen, have given back recent gains VS the dollar. The "Audit The Fed" Bill has been pushed through the gauntlet for a vote after Thanksgiving. The Aussie dollar is near its 9-month trend level, and shareholders want "some of the action"!

Currencies today 11/20/09: American Style: A$ .9110, kiwi .7225, C$ .9360, euro 1.4850, sterling 1.6490, Swiss .9820, European Style: rand 7.5880, krone 5.68, SEK 6.97, forint 182.25, zloty 2.80, koruna 17.4340, RUB 28.95, yen 88.90, sing 1.39, HKD 7.75, INR 46.63, China 6.8278, peso 13.09, BRL 1.75, dollar index 75.64, Oil $76.91, 10-year 3.33%, Silver $18.17, and Gold... $1,137.20

That's it for today... I've been doing some "educational" presentations for the people over at DTI... I've done 2 on currencies, and 1 on Gold... Next Monday, I'll be doing one on "other ways" to diversify, using foreign stocks and bonds... You can listen to it if you want by clicking here at 1:30 CT on Monday...

I'll be heading down the road to Columbia Missouri tomorrow, to watch my beloved Missouri Tigers on Senior Day... My little buddy Alex, had his football team banquet last night... His team went 20-5-1 in three years... That's pretty impressive! Now they move on to High School, where's it's a whole different animal! I have 4 videos to do today! YIKES! But I've got my "blue shirt" on... So, I should be good to go! Let's get working on today, and make it the best Fantastico Friday ever!

Chuck Butler
EverBank World Markets
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Posted 11-20-2009 9:22 AM by Chuck Butler