3rd QTR GDP Is Strong!
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In This Issue..

* Dollar gets sold after GDP report                      
* High yielders get bought!                             
* German Retail Sales decline...                                       
* Real has wild swings!                                                                                      

And Now... Today's Pfennig!

3rd QTR GDP Is Strong!                             

Good day... And a Happy Friday to one and all! I can't believe how hard it rained here yesterday... Unbelievable! And me, with my cane, and not able to run, was stuck in it going from the car... Absolutely soaked! If I were a kid, I would have thought that to be fun! But, I'm not... It's still raining this morning too! UGH! Let's hope it stops in time for the Trick-or-Treaters!

OK... Well the rain fell on the dollar's parade yesterday too! And, just like I thought it would do... The dollar got sold like funnel cakes at a state fair, once the U.S. 3rd QTR GDP report printed... The dollar rally was stopped in its tracks, which meant that the "trading theme" that rewards the dollar when things look bad in the U.S. and punishes it when things look good, which is completely opposite of what it should do fundamental wise, was still in place!

3rd QTR GDP was 3.5%!!! Let's Party! Get on your red dress sweetheart we're going out dancing, we're going to party like it's 1999! Seriously, the Gov't officials, including Summers and Geithner think it's all seashells and balloons from here on out! So, why shouldn't we think the same? I mean they've never led us to the wrong side of the tracks have they? HAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHA... And HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA!

OK, don't get me wrong here, I'm glad the U.S. economy seems to be out of the recession/ depression... But, didn't we expect a bump in the economy? Didn't we think we would see growth by the end of the year, based on the stimulus and money supply extravaganza that went on the first part of this year? And... Based on the reports I saw, a large portion of the growth was actually a return of Consumer Spending in the quarter... Cash for Clunkers really helped the Consumer Spending along too!

But isn't it just like the people that win the lottery... Suddenly, they have all this cash... And they spend it until they have no cash and voila! They are back to having nothing to spend! That's how I think the U.S. economy will react once the stimulus and other monetary candy is withdrawn from the economy... I'm still pinning my colors to the mast of a double dip for the economy... We've got the first two parts... The negative growth, and now the positive growth... Where are we headed next? Only the Shadow knows!

We'll begin to see a glimpse of what's going to go on in the next couple of weeks, as the Fed's Quantitative Easing program has hit their ceiling of $300 Billion, and ended yesterday... The Fed's 7-month buying spree, remember they announced this plan while I was in Florida at spring training, seems to have put the lid on yields of Treasuries to allow the housing market some time to heal... But, as I told my publisher for the Currency Capitalist, Erika Nolan, when I met with her after the announcement... "the U.S. has just opened Pandora's Box of baaaaaaaaaddddddd things for the economy, for Japan has implemented this same program, but over 10 years ago, look how well that's turned out for them!"

Today's data brings us two of my faves... Personal Spending and Income... We'll see if the Consumer Spending continued in September or not...

There's a great headline to a story on the Bloomie this morning... The title reads: "Obama Bridge To Lasting Economic Expansion Risks Going Nowhere"  A Bridge to nowhere... That sounds about right to me! It could be the Bridge Over Troubled Waters, or it could be the Bridge of Sighs... I still believe that the U.S. Gov't has spend Trillions taking us deeper into the abyss of a national debt, with little to show for it, except... The U.S. has ventured into the private sector deeper than any Gov't has before during this financial meltdown... Think they'll get out once it's over? HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA! Not going to happen my friend!

OK, enough of that! It's a Friday for crying out loud, Chuck, can't you think of more pleasant things to talk about? Yes... Let's see... Oh yeah! I started telling you above about the non-dollar currency rally VS the dollar yesterday, so let's go back to that!

Well, there wasn't much to say other than the dollar got sold after the GDP report printed... It wasn't so much that the currencies rallied VS the dollar, as it was a sell off of the dollar, which led to a currency rally! The high yielding currencies of Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, and even Norway now that rate on the rise there, posted the best gains VS the dollar on the day. And that makes sense, right? I mean, haven't I been harping on the yield / interest rate differentials lately? And here's where they came out to play!

The data in the U.S. was good, which brought the risk takers out of the walls once again, and knowing that the U.S. interest rates are going to remain near zero for some time to come, they sold the dollar and those paltry yields that go with the dollar, and bought currencies that had a nice positive yield differential to the those paltry yields!

The Big dog, euro, as the offset currency to the dollar, obviously participated in this dollar sell off... The euro's gains were stopped this morning though, when German Retail Sales printed and unexpectedly declined in September. Remember, Germany's economy exited their recession in the 2nd QTR, albeit a nascent recovery at best... So, we'll have to keep an eye on Germany's nascent recovery to see if it "double dips" too!

Speaking of Brazil... Recently, the real has really shown its tendency to take a walk on the wild side when trading gets going... I'm talking about 3-5% swings good and bad! Whew! That's something to watch! The good news is... That even though the swings in the price of the real are wild, the overall trend continues to be good for real holders... I expect the real to react to rumors this morning that the Gov't will not throw out road blocks to impede the real's performance... That would be HUGE! And very welcomed by currency traders that trade the real always looking over their shoulders to see if the Gov't will throw out the road blocks... So, like I said, there are rumors this morning, that the Gov't will announce that they are not going to impede the real's rise at this time...

And then there was this... U.S. Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner, announced yesterday that he wants the power to not only tell a corporation that they are closed for business, but to also have the power to shrink Corporations that are not having problems! He will be the "death panel" that Barney Frank talked about a couple of months ago for non-financial institutions... Shake me, Wake me, when's it's over... Maybe I'm having a bad dream, folks...

To recap... The dollar's rally was stopped in its tracks by the U.S. 3rd QTR GDP which printed a 3.5% increase, and caused investors to seek higher yielding assets, thus selling dollars. German Retail Sales unexpectedly declined in September, thus stopping the euro from rallying further this morning. And the High Yielders get all the glory when investors realize that U.S. rates are going to remain near zero for some time to come... Aussie, Brazil, New Zealand lead the pack!

Currencies today 10/30/09: A$ .9155, kiwi .7310, C$ .9360, euro 1.4845, sterling 1.6540, Swiss .9840, rand 7.6750, krone 5.63, SEK 6.9875, forint 183.61, zloty 2.8525, koruna 17.83, RUB 29.02, yen 90.90, sing 1.3970, HKD 7.75, INR 47.03, China 6.8275, pesos 13.01, BRL 1.7325, dollar index 75.87, Oil $79.58, 10-year 3.62%, Silver $16.60, and Gold... $1,044.90

That's it for today... I'm writing from home this morning, as I have a doctor's appt. first thing before I go to work... The network was a little touchy this morning, and I wasn't sure I would get this out, but it has settled down now. Whew! Big Weekend for my beloved Missouri Tigers as they travel to Colorado. And my little buddy Alex, as his team travels to Webster Groves! HA! Good news in the local paper this morning, as the best player in baseball today, Albert Pujols announced that he wants to be a Cardinal for life! Our Blues just can't get on a roll, win one, lose one... UGH! So... Tomorrow is Halloween! I can't wait to see the little ones in their costumes! Our little Delaney Grace is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, with ruby red shoes, a basket and Toto too! She is so darn cute! I'll leave you with the thought of a little Dorothy coming to your door! I hope it dries out here soon... And I hope you have a Fantastico Friday and Ghoulish Weekend! BOO!

Chuck Butler
EverBank World Markets

Posted 10-30-2009 9:40 AM by Chuck Butler