A Gold Company that Raises Its Dividend 20% Every Year
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If you've never heard of today's best gold investment, you're not alone.
That's because it's not your typical "high-flying" gold mining stock. 
But while most gold investors are waiting for the next big boom in gold mining stocks, a small number of savvy individuals are buying this OTHER gold investment. 
I'm talking about a unique gold investment that's made some savvy investors quite wealthy, independent of recessions, zero interest rate policy from Ben Bernanke, and even dips in gold prices.

It's basically the only way to make money in gold no matter what's going on in the markets.
That's why I call this investment "Forever Gold." It's a way to CONSTANTLY profit from gold, even if it drops in price.

I've recently put together the details on "Forever Gold" for the paid-up subscribers to my Top Stock Insights service, but I've recently been thinking that this information needs to get out to all investors. So if you're interested in how you can get solid, reliable dividend payments from a gold company--no matter which way gold prices go--then check out my most recent update on "Forever Gold".

Their next payout is April 15th, so you'll want to hurry.

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Posted 03-26-2012 12:11 PM by Ian Wyatt