Market Demolition Continues: Here’s What to Do
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Today I spoke with a reporter from a local Fox News affiliate who asked me, "what's going on in the markets – and why does gold keep going up?"
I'm sure you've been asking yourself these same questions.
I told her what I've been telling you for months now: the U.S. Government has significant debt problems and no easy solutions.
That's causing investors to feel uncertain about the U.S. dollar.
And many of them are piling into gold. It's up 20% for the year and 5.7% just in the first eight days of this month.
And while I hope you own gold (as I do) I'm more interested in another asset class entirely.
Because while gold will certainly keep pace with inflation (or hyperinflation) it simply can't give you a return on investment when adjusted for inflation. (Gold stores wealth, but it doesn't create wealth.)
That's why the world's richest and most successful investors are turning to another, time-tested investment. I'm talking about Privatized TIPs. This unique asset is owned by all of the world's richest investors: Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett, among others.
They use Privatized TIPs not just to protect themselves from market calamity and uncertainty – but to profit during market upheavals.
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Posted 08-08-2011 3:21 PM by Ian Wyatt
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