Record High Gasoline Prices Coming this Summer
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The high gasoline prices of 2008 may be nothing but a pleasant memory this summer. That year, gasoline peaked at over $3.50 a gallon.

Already this year, the average price of regular gasoline has already broken through the $2.80 mark – whereas it took until mid-April to hit that level in 2008.

We’re on pace for gasoline to sell for more than $4 a gallon this year during the summer driving season.

Instead of getting hurt at the gas pumps, we’re busy researching the best opportunities to profit from higher gas prices. Researcher Tyler Laundon just finished an excellent report on the two oil and gas companies that stand to benefit from higher energy prices.

Click here for the full story on these companies before this summer’s high oil prices hit your wallet.

Posted 02-28-2011 9:19 AM by Ian Wyatt