T. Rowe Price Analyst: “Silver usually lags…”
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Gold continued to make news yesterday and today, but most investors still don’t realize that it’s silver that has posted much better gains this year.

In fact, silver has more than doubled gold’s gains, year-to-date:

Rick de los Reyes, a metals and mining analyst at T. Rowe Price recently noted that when investors flock to gold, there’s a tendency for silver to fall behind, “silver usually lags [gold]...”

The fact that silver is outpacing gold to such a large degree is great news for many silver companies. These companies typically return 2-3 times more profit to their investors than silver alone. For the year to date period, silver has surged 56 percent while gold is up a respectable 26 percent. Stock prices for top tier silver miners are up as much as 130% for the year.

Ian Wyatt, the Chief Investment Strategist at Wyatt Research, is recommending one small silver company to his clients. In just the past four days this stock has marched 20% higher, but with silver making equally broad moves, there’s no telling how high it will go.

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Posted 11-10-2010 9:32 AM by Ian Wyatt
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