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  • Association for Investor Awareness - Week of 10/16/2008

    The Biggest Danger Now Is A Series Of Bear Traps
    The Financial Crisis Has Further To Run
    Some Bear Market Investments Have Promise
    How Long The Bear Might Stick Around
    A Contrary Economic Outlook
    Another Shameless Plug For Blue Chip Stocks
    The Bottom Line This Week

    Stock volatility has become so extreme, we had to redraw the charts. Although there have been up and down days as large as those we have seen recently, never before have they come in such quick succession.

    Last week, as everyone from New Guinea to New York must know by now, the Dow and the Nasdaq fell 18.2% and 15.3% respectively. That would have been tough enough by itself, but what made the week even more hectic is it contained a 679 point jump that many investors believed was the start of a reversal. 

    The market leaped forward again this Monday with a breath taking 936 point surge when U.S and European leaders decided on a coordinated financial rescue plan. Stocks took a breather on Tuesday. Then it plunged 733 points the next day on poor consumer spending data. We must expect more whiplash days as the credit crisis continues to unfold. 

  • Week of 10/09/2008

    Bargains Are Starting To Appear
    A Bottom Fishing Check List
    The Bear Isn't Finished Yet
    Big Drops Lead To Big Rebounds
    Financial Stocks Attract More Attention
    There Is One More Shoe To Fall
    The Biggest Question: Will The Bailout Work?
    The Bottom Line This Week

    Wall Street's thrill ride continued over the past week as investors made king-sized moves after every drop in the economic outlook. By the time the closing bell rang on Friday, the Dow and the Nasdaq were down 7.3% and 10.8% respectively. A good time was definitely not enjoyed by all.

    Once again, investors saved their biggest gyrations for the following Monday when the market plunged some 800 points. Fortunately, the market regained 430 points before the end of the day. Stocks resumed their slide on Tuesday and Wednesday when they fell a total of 689 points.